Revlon Makeover – Mine, And Possibly Yours (Competition)


  1. Tiff says

    You look stunning!

    To look like that for even just one night would be very exciting for me indeed!

    With protection from the sun in the foundation, to reducing wrinkles and fine lines
    A Revlon age defying makeover sounds mighty fine!
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  2. says

    Hmmm, let me see 1) aimed for us 30 somethings (for the next few months anyway) who want to take anti-ageing preventative measures 2) includes a broad spectrum SPF 20 sunscreen 3) designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles… Is that right?

    Why I’m excited? Well, because all of the above applies to ME – and more and more for every. day. that. passes!
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  3. says

    The benefits are for thirty-something women who want to take anti-aging measures with an SPF 20, designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles.

    I love Revlon products, when I was younger and prettier I used to buy all my make-up from Revlon. Thank you Miscmum and thank you to Revlon!
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  4. says

    Hi Karen,

    You look great.
    Revlon Age Defying includes a SPF 20+ sunscreen to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, for women who want to take anti-ageing preventative measures . (24 words!!!)

    I am excited as I spend so much time in the sun and it saves having to remember to apply sunscreen

  5. Blue Zone says

    The main benefits are the anti-aging preventative measures the Revlon Age Defying with DNA Advantage Cream Makeup target at 30+ women.

    I am excited about the chance to win a special treat just for me. I spend my days lately making sacrifices for everyone else around me and am now craving something just for ME!

  6. kerry santillo says

    Hi there!!! Revlon Age Defying, has a broad spectrum SPF 20 and is designed to reduce fine lines and wrinkles . I should have started this in my thirties, now in my fourties, but have always used revlon and their products always contain sunscreen, hence, I dont have alot of the old wrinklies!! But am excited to get the chance of trying Revlon age defying foundation. I will say your photo is illuminating,( not just sucking up ) and hope your birthday was fun!!!

  7. silvana gutierrez says

    to take anti-aging preventative measures reduce fine lines and wrinkles and is for the thirty-something woman so perfect for me!! :)

  8. Lauren Brooks says

    RevlonAgeDefying makeup was produced for women to feel confident about their skin and looks by taking anti-aging preventative measures that reduces wrinkles and lines.

    I’m actually entering this for my mom (shh, it’s a surprise) because I think my mom is beautiful, but I know she get’s worried about what is age is doing to her face. I want her to feel as beautiful as my father, my sister and I think she is. This would be an amazing opportunity for her to gain confidence in her appearance and be happy with the way she looks.

    Also I am writing from the US, in Massachusetts. I wasn’t sure if this was an international contest, so I thought I’d apply anyway.
    Thank You

  9. says

    Reducing fine lines & wrinkles whilst protecting from the sun making more.. very impressive! Us “thirty somethings” love this stuff!!