Thrifty Thursday: Savers Challenge for #nnb2011

I had some clothes to take and donate to Savers yesterday. Naturally, I could not resist going inside for a quick look. To justify the excursion I made up a little challenge in my head: “What could I buy for this weekend that would be a) otherwise functional and useful and b) pretty?”

This is what I found:

e f’ collection cotton dress, size small: $9.99
Look at the cute sleeves!

Pilgrim satin dress, size six: $12.99
Quite a sixties-inspired pattern

Saba jumper, size SS: $14.99
Cross those arms, yo.
(To be matched with jeans)

One thing the dresses have in common are annoyingly long hanger loops. You know those? You can see one peering out in the top photo. I think I would rather jeopardise the shape of a dress by hanging it by the actual shoulders, or even by folding it in a drawer, than use them because odds-on this happens: once I am wearing the dress those loops always poke out, no matter how often I tuck them away. I’ll grab the scissors later.

I’ve got a short dinner jacket I can pair with all of these OR a longer frock coat if I decide to be sensible (Melbourne is cold). I’m not sure yet what I’ll take for warmth… decisions, decisions…

Are you coming into town for the conference? What have you packed, or are going to pack? I’m throwing in gloss for my lips – the wind can be brutal – and my ECCO boots.

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    I bought expensive Ironbark and got some other wood, that does not burn well. The supplier is coming around this week to make amends….somehow

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