Jeans for Genes Day – Spreading the Word + Giveaway


  1. Simone says

    I think the campaign is a great idea! I like how everyone is able to take part in it, because pretty much everyone can wear denim (To be honest I think it is more do-able than the campaigns with colouring or shaving your hair etc, which may stop people from joining in).

    The only other way a lot of people hear about raising funds for medical research (for children or adults) is when you receive a fund raising phone call and they often come at the wrong time and are not as appealing to participate in. This is a much better and modern innitiave!

    By the way, I don’t think the link to the Jeans for Genes Facebook page in your article is working? It didn’t work for me so I just found it myself on Facebook. Maybe you want to check it and change it.

  2. says

    We support this cause because my son & I have a genetic disease – Neurofibromatosis 1. Along with others in my family ( another 7 or so).
    There is no cure currently – so I hope to see a cure of sorts during my lifetime because of the CMRI.
    I think it gives me the opportunity to share a little with my friends , some of whom don’t know about NF1 or what it means. It’s more common than Cystic Fibrosis but few have heard of Neurofibromatosis or can even say it… some think it is what the Elephant man suffered.
    I bought my twins the shirts when they were one and we entered the Geneius comp.
    It’s a fun way to get everyone involved with no pressure. I buy products every year too the genie jean jewels or whatever takes my fancy.
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  3. says

    I love Jeans for Genes Day!

    I’ve made my patch on my facebook and I’ll definitely be wearing jeans, going shopping and donating at any shop I enter that I can.

    Awesome prizes for an awesome cause.
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  4. Megan says

    Genes for Jeans Days is too important! I had an older brother who died because of a genetic condition and it is the Genes for Jeans day research that might save somebody else. M x

  5. Steff says

    Having once worked for Cmri many many years ago I knOw how imPortant this fundraiser is. So I alway support they work on so many issues that are vital including cancer research cystic fibrosis and so many more. A new pair of jeans would be lovely too :)

  6. says

    Jeans for genes holds a very special place in my heart as its something which has affected me. And you dont have to do anything out of you way to show your support. Nearly everyone has a pair of jeans and its the simplest thing one can do to show their support.. I for one am sure of my attire for that day..:)
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  7. says

    I think Jeans for Genes day is a fabulous cause. Back when I was working as a medical centre manager it was one of the few causes we got involved in with all the staff, doctors and nurses wearing jeans to work for the day.

  8. says

    Having a daughter with a rare genetic condition has made me realise how important it is for people who research these types of conditions to have the necessary funds available to them to complete their jobs. JFGD is a very worthy cause to support.
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  9. Amanda Elizabeth says

    I think this is a great campaign. Genes are sooo tiny, yet so important for life to run as it should- we had a little scare over 4 years ago, so I always dig deep and I love it when others do something to help raise funds or awareness.

    A great Aussie ON YA! to you Karen
    oh and thanks for the opportunity
    Amanda from Amanda’s Mummy Jeans

  10. says

    I love this campaign as it allows everyone to get involved on all levels of society just by wearing a much loved staples in almost everyone’s wardrobe.

    The cool idea to tie in the patch concept this year with social networking and facebook is smart as it is such a huge party of our lives these days. It makes a great interaction tool to spread the word and to get a little creative too. I do think they should allow fan pages to interact within that too as when I tried via my blog page it wouldn’t allow me to use the app. It would be awesome if they gave people the opportunity to download buttons or patches along with this years theme so we could stick them on our blogs, websites and any social media places we visit.
    I also love it as I love jeans and think it is a great reason to wear them!
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  11. Bec S says

    I think this campaign is very important. Jeans for Geans day is a great fundraiser which has affected me personally. And this year it’s on my cousin’s birthday (one who passed away), so means even more If everyone just wore jeans and donated a few bucks it would make a world of difference. Spread the word!

  12. says

    I first heard about Jeans for Genes day back when I was in high school and I loved it because it seemed like something that we could get involved in, as much as adults could. I agree with a previous poster, it’s great because anyone can get involved.

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  13. says

    I always wear Jeans on Jeans for Genes day – just find it hard to locate the pins etc… need more places selling them!! Love your work guys!!

  14. says

    I love genes for Jeans day, its a very worthy cause and so simple for everyone to get involved with and spread the word
    They do fantastic work for familys