• Air temperature at the beginning of the Run Melbourne race: about nine degrees, possibly more (it was actually lovely running weather)

Photos by my sister
  • Amount  of money raised by my sister and I for Motor Neuron Disease as of this morning: $910
  • Number of aches and pains throughout my body: about ten. (Something was off yesterday and I ran very poorly. I got dizzy at the 2km mark, and although stripping off my jumper and a sip of powerade drink helped a little I didn’t ready get my stride on.)
  • Approximate age at which a child learns to flush the toilet after use: three
  • Approximate age at which a child forgets to flush the toilet after use: five
  • Approximate age at which a cat decides ‘to hell with kitty litter trays, let the floorboards be MY toilet: two
  • Approximate number of times an adult will swear at said cat after discovering these faecal surprises: six
Photo source
  • Number of minutes I sat at the table last night helping Keira arrange her cards in the right order in this Harry Potter collectors album from the weekend papers and no doubt many, many of you will be familiar with: about thirty
  • Number of times I silently cursed even buying the paper: two
  • Number of excited family members who will be lining up to see this movie on the weekend: four

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