True to form when it comes to fun runs in July, I have managed to get sick ahead of this coming Sunday’s Run Melbourne. I’m not nearly as worried this time as I was for last year’s half marathon because I’m only doing half the distance, but still. Being sick makes me pouty.

I will take this one last opportunity to beg plead remind you kind folk who’ve pledged to donate to please do so. Here’s our fundraiser page – look at the total amount! So close to that magic 1k mark! My humble thanks to everyone who’s donated and to my sister for getting in there and personalising the page with a few pictures of dad.

As such, this leads me to tell you about our weekend which was pretty quiet. Filthy weather and the aforementioned sniffles kept us (mostly) indoors.

We did venture down to a local Oxfam booksale where I was very, very restrained and only bought two books. Seen here modelled by my daughter who was in a silly mood:

book model

The Aztecs: An Interpretation is by esteemed writer Inga Clendinnen and I’ve been wanting to get my hands on it for years (three cheers for decommissioned library books, like this). The history book is because I’ve been collecting history books about the Regency period since… [quick check]… Amazon tells me 2007. Why? Oh… just because.

Melburnians, details on the next sale here.

smartie cookies

MOAR cookies

Then my mother and the kids got into the kitchen and made decorated cookies. I wanly nibbled on a few, but I was really waiting for this:

caramel meringue pie

Caramel Meringue Pie. Don’cha wish you were here?


Last, mum has brought some of her crafting projects with her. This is the top of a scarf she is knitting for Riley, but Keira decided she wanted start it off. You can see here her work before mum took over; the first eight or so rows. It’s a little uneven, but still it’s a damn better job than what I’d do. (I’m not much of a knitter.)

How was your weekend?


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