If Prime Ministers were chosen on Masterchef


  1. I love this!

  2. Oh, well done! Very funny :-) and clever too.

  3. Very funny, and so true. Poor k-rudd needed an immunity pin.

  4. “You nailed it, Karen. Spot on!”

    He was a rambling git, wasn’t he?


  5. Oooh, you made me giggle.

    And yeah, he is the cute one, if you think that Chief Wigham from The Simpsons is cute.

  6. Hilarious! Very clever, and I love the photos that go with it!

  7. Very funny. I think Julia’s hair should have been a separate contestant, though.

  8. Very funny. I love George thinking about being the cute one! Very clever too.

  9. Loved it. Had a good giggle. :)

  10. Hey! I was hitting the stumbleupon button and look who’s blog I landed on!! *waves*

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