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    And that “family storytelling” is precisely one of the reasons among many that we chose to homeschool. Our families are full of stories – stories that I heard from my grandparents, stories that my parents told me and stories that I am telling our children. We tell stories all the time – that oral tradition is what makes us, and keeps us, family.
    I tell stories all day long, usually as the kids and I are about our household tasks together. Stories that help them understand who I am, and why I am that person; stories that will help them understand where they fit in the fabric of life, and in the tapestry that is our family. They are still young enough to appreciate those stories and some I am asked to retell and retell. One day, they’ll hold their hands over their ears and refuse to listen, but while I can I’ll keep them close and tell them *our* stories.

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    That exactly it!! But I started blogging way back in 2001 because i had a shocking memory and I used writing to work things out in my head – The once kids came along – it was a way of keeping my family in touch with the children as they are all interstate – Then it evolved into a photo a day kind of blog (that i am often behind on but do catch up) which I print out into books – I do wonder what my girls will think of them as they grow – even now we read our books occasionally at bedtime.
    Like you I am only now hearing family stories and I had so few photos of me growing up – I guess I just want to provvide that for them.
    I find more and more though that blogs are tending to be informative – I guess I will never be there – I just write to remember

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