Looky looky, I’ve got linky

* Do you love Ferris Bueller? Well did you know you could have Instant Bueller?

* WebUrbanist is a funky site, and I particularly liked their 33-Part Guide to Abandoned Places. Check it out, it’s very interesting.

* Save the Words! Extend your vocabulary! Here’s the word I saved:


* Here’s an interesting look at the growing rates of literacy around the world.

* The Most Beautiful Smith In The World. Very pretty work.

* 45 Creative Examples of My Little Pony Customization. I particularly liked the pony that’s been turned into the Thing from the Fantastic Four. And Ironman. And an Alien. Oh, I can’t choose!

* And last: a reminder to maybe? Perhaps? Vote for me in the 2010 Bloggies. Mwah! You need to vote for three blogs in the one category to properly register, I believe. Voting closes tomorrow.

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