Project book – introducing my Illustrator!

It’s my great delight today to introduce to you the Illustrator for Surprise! – Kim Fleming

Last weekend I finally got to meet up with Kim and I must admit I was so happy and relieved that we both have the same sorts of ideas for Surprise! I suppose because I wrote it and have had it in my head for some years now, I didn’t consider before how first I might translate all my inner feelings and internal layouts and hopes for the text, but not only did Kim understand my descriptions, she has her own suggestions which I think is really exciting.

Over the coming months as she works on the pictures she will occasionally be posting little pictorial ‘teasers’ on her blog. Go check her out, say hello, and give some old-fashioned encouragement!

A little bit about Kim: born in Montreal, she lived in Portland Oregon for eight years and has been in Australia now for seven years. Very cosmopolitan, very talented and so nice to boot!

This is going to be so exciting!

Stay tuned for further updates!

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